My Art Tour

My Art Tour is based on a cookie. Here you can make a calendar for which arrangements you want to participate in during the Art Week. Since it is a cookie you can not move the list from the PC/tablet/smartphone you are using. You can at any time mail or print ”my Art Tour” - and you can add or remove arrangements.

There are repeated arrangements. Here our choice is that when you add one arrangement to ”my Art Tour” all repetitions are added. Then you can remove all the arrangements you do not want to participate in. If you reject this cookie it is not possible to make ”my Art Tour” - if you remove/delete cookies all arrangements you have placed in ”my Art Tour” disappear.

Please remember that cookies are dependent upon the browser you use. If you have more browsers installed on your unit, and make ”my Art Tour” in one browser, it will not be found in the other browsers on your unit – for example if you make ”my Art Tour” in Chrome, you will not find it in Internet Explorer.

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